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Clear Cache on single website:

Using Safari: 
Safari / Settings / Privacy / Managed website data / find the site you want, then remove. 
Quit and restart safari

Using Google Chrome on Mac or PC:
Chrome / preferences / Privacy and security / Cookies and other sites data / see all site data and permissions / 
Search for the site and delete
Quit and restart Chrome. 

To delete ALL Browsing history  by hour / date / etc. 
Chrome / preferences / Privacy and security / Clear browsing data. 
choose last hour / days /etc. 

Using Microsoft Edge on windows:

3 little Dots ... / Settings / Cookies and site permissions / Manage and delete cookies and site data / See all cookies and site data 
search for website and hit delete
quit and restart Edge. 


Download Internet Explorer 11 (64-bit) for Windows 7 ONLY from Official Microsoft Download Center 

To create from ISO image on mac to usb bootable drive:

MAC Version history

Download and update Mac to latest version

Force restart iPhone all versions,appears%2C%20release%20the%20side%20button. 

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